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Top secret [19 May 2005|06:29pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Ok.. this is sorta dumb... but I was thinking about your tail.... and furry making (work is boring) and I was thinking that it was amazing that it smelled like the tropics... and what if you named your furry company like "ichigo furries" or something more creative than that.. and then had the fur scented O_O
Or like... you could even let people choose a scent O_O.... you could do it easily by just storing the fur in plastic containers with like.. and air freshener or this smell good rock things that.... exist somewhere (I had some once... they are quite amazing and smell very strong for a long time) I dunno... it just seems like an interesting thing... different from other suits ya know? and its always nicer to open a new thing and have it smell really good!!!

Ok... I realize thats super random... but I was just trying to help brainstorm!! ^_^ I will call you when I get back so that we can have random mall fun and I can smell your tail (>_> that sounds odd...)

<3<3<3<3<3 Kim

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[16 May 2005|06:28pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Mr. Sir in Miami~ Radio show

The infamous “Mr. Sir” sits down with NEWZ’s own Rac Hollow for a radio talk show
R: Interviewer
S: Sir
W: Wulf
Sf: Sef
M: Mur
Sn: Sen

R: So you guys are getting pretty popular don’t you think? Number one on the pop charts in Japan ten weeks in a row. Number 27 over here. Must be feeling pretty good?
S: Well Rac, that’s a pretty stupid question
R: Oh.. Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh?
S: No, I think you are ugly
R: ….
W: I think what Sir is trying to say is that we are all very happy to have such dedicated fans, but the rankings don’t really do much for us. The charts are fickle, as soon as a new sound comes along, we will be forgotten. Were just concentrating on looking for and playing for fans who will stick by us.
R: You make it sound so personal
W: We look at fans like we would lovers.
Sn: Yeah, someone hot who won’t cheat
S: *scoff*
Sn: what?
S: …
R: Well lets move on. Wulf, how is it for you to be a.. uhmm.. creature of different species in an all fox band?
W: well..
S: (to Rac) Shut the fuck up why don’t you?! Whats it to you?
R: I’m… just reading what on the card…
W: Sir..sit down. I don’t think that me being a wolf has really affected the attitude of the band as a whole. I was raised with Foxes for much of my life, and I honestly don’t really think about it much.
R: Sef, what about you? You wanted to be just like Wulf didn’t you? You even got surgery to look more like him. Can you explain what it is like to be such a huge fan and then be allowed to work with your idol?
Sf: ….
R: ….
W: uhm.. Sef is a wonderful artist, I don’t think its very good of the media to make such a big deal of his being a “obsessed fan”. We are all fans of each other’s playing, if we were not we wouldn’t be able to stand being together 24/7.
S: Listen, it was kind of funny at first to see everyone up in arms about Wulf’s safety and how we were being neglectful by allowing an insane fanatic into the band. People really got worked up by it. I think a lot of our fans must be pretty fucking stupid if they think I’d endanger my band mates *stroking Wulf’s thigh* I mean, seriously, that guy may be fucking insane, but he didn’t seem strong enuff to kill us ALL.. and he didn’t have a gun, so what’s the point of worrying? Besides, I’d like to see Kuro or Yoshiki come up with half as introspective bass lines as our band has. THAT’S why we are # 1, we are the best, period.
W: Introspective?
S: Shut up I just said I loved you.
R: …..
Sn&Sf: …..
M: Ooooooo <3
R: Ok.. moving on. Mur, the viewers want to know, are you really blind, or is it all a gimmick?
M: Hmm… Himitsu! ^_^
R: What? Was that Japanese?
S: DUHHH we are a Japanese band, GAWD, where the fuck do they pick up these morons?
M: Haha.. Sorry.. my English is not very good yet. It means I’m not telling you. I’ve always thought that the things we don’t know are always the most fulfilling. If you know all the secrets what’s the point of being interested?
R: So it’s a gimmick?
M: Hi*mi*tsu… ba…ka *smile*
R: aha.. ok.. Well would you like to introduce the first song?
M: ( with excitement) Now, everyone get ready!!!!, this is “Mr. Sir’s” newest power ballad “ Fuck you Mr. Mailman, go die in a ditch behind the church”
R: ahaahaa… very funny… don’t you mean, “Bramble hat box?”
M: Do I? <_>;;
*”Bramble hat box” plays*
R: ok wasn’t that just lovely!
S: *snort*
R: for the second half of our show we will have fans call in and ask anything that they want to. Totally uncensored!!
S:*at Mur’s reaction* HAHAHAHAHA…blindo..
R: Yes hello! What is your question?
Caller: "When you were skiing last year in the Alps I noticed you pulled off a 360 tailgrab... do you snowboard often?"
W: and… who is that directed to?
S: Do you know who you are calling? Moron.. this is a radio station.. not your crack dealer. Please do the world a huge favor and drive off a mountain now.
R: Haha… please now, we don’t need any lawsuits
W:*annoyed* just to clarify, we are “Mr. Sir” a Japanese rock band.
S: THE Japanese rock band.
W: uhm.. yeah
R: Ok.. next caller?
Caller: Sir you fucking suck!
Sir: OH HO so finally someone with some balls! This is getting good! You wanna come down to the station and tell me that again buddy?
Caller: Sure buddy, I’d love to beat the shit outta a homo like you!
S: O_O *To angry to talk*
W: Shut the FUCK up!
Everyone: O_O
W: Goddammit, if we can’t get a fricking serious call then why bother having this show at all? I guess no one bothered to tell us that this station was so second rate.
Everyone: O_O
W: Yeah ok buddy, come on down to the station and show us what you’re made of.
Caller: A fucking wolf like you shouldn’t even have been let in the country! Doesn’t the US have a policy of month long quarentine for DOGS?
*cuts off*
R: That’s odd.. it seems to have…
*Sir standing in doorway with a severed phone cord hanging from his mouth.*
R: O_O that’s it…GET OUT…
*leaving the studio*
M: Sweet can we go back to Japan now??????Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!! I am missing Inuyasha!!
W: *Hugging Sir around shoulders* You are sooo getting punished for this.*lick’s Sir’s face*
S: *Grumbles as he chews on phone cord*
Sn: ….
Sf: You guys promised to go with me to the crocodile farm! Do NOT back out.. I will never play with you again.. I’ll leak all your dirty secrets to the tabloids!!!
Everyone : *Ignore*
Sf: heeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!!


OK.. that was really stupid.. but I felt I needed to post SOMETHING.... its orta gives tiny tiny glimpses into how the characters act.. in public ans what seems to set them off.. I dunno.. lemme know what you think!!

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The Micchan Coincidence!!! [04 Apr 2005|01:12pm]

[ mood | amused ]

OMG! KINBARII-CHAN! Look what came in the mail today! I got it for free when I ordered some stuff from kawaiigifts.com. The scary part is that the pin you get is completely random... >_>;; I think Micchan knows that I make fun of him and he's coming to get me...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
-The Thrilling Micchan Pin-

みっちゃんは恐いです!! o.x;;

P.S. Don't forget to add </a></b></a>kon_men to your friends list so you get updates! <3
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-田ちゃん の Test Entry- [03 Apr 2005|10:04pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

This is a test entry for the ~Kon Kon no Jutsu~ community!

Is it working, Kinbarii? :3

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OMEDETOU!! [03 Apr 2005|10:05pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

YAY!! This community is years in the making! Ganbatte minnasan!! Much Luff to the Charlies, Azas, Victors, Sirs, and Kois (etc) out there!
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

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