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Top secret

Ok.. this is sorta dumb... but I was thinking about your tail.... and furry making (work is boring) and I was thinking that it was amazing that it smelled like the tropics... and what if you named your furry company like "ichigo furries" or something more creative than that.. and then had the fur scented O_O
Or like... you could even let people choose a scent O_O.... you could do it easily by just storing the fur in plastic containers with like.. and air freshener or this smell good rock things that.... exist somewhere (I had some once... they are quite amazing and smell very strong for a long time) I dunno... it just seems like an interesting thing... different from other suits ya know? and its always nicer to open a new thing and have it smell really good!!!

Ok... I realize thats super random... but I was just trying to help brainstorm!! ^_^ I will call you when I get back so that we can have random mall fun and I can smell your tail (>_> that sounds odd...)

<3<3<3<3<3 Kim
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